Community recognition for Laurier staffers


Anne Wilson, a professor in the Wilfrid Laurier University psychology department and Scott Harris, manager of Service Laurier were commended by the Waterloo Region Record in the recent ‘Top 40 under 40’ list.

The Record, Waterloo Region’s local newspaper, compiled the list, which recognizes region’s top community leaders under the age of 40. It includes people from the University of Waterloo, Laurier and the local area. The ‘Top 40 Under 40’ list contains individuals from all fields: business, psychology, social work and much more.

“I don’t fool myself into thinking I’m more special than anyone in this department,” said Wilson. “But it’s nice to be recognized by your peers.”
Members of the psychology department nominated Wilson.

Wilson’s nomination was based on her research at Laurier and her involvement in the community.

“I do a lot of work with the Canadian Cancer Society,” stated Wilson. “And the research that I do has to do with how the media and the norms that are presented give both men and women, but especially women, an unrealistic view of what they’re supposed to look like.”

Harris, who spearheaded the new Service Laurier department, is also an alumnus of the school. He was awarded for his heavy involvement in the community and his work at Laurier.

Harris serves as chair of the Youth in Sport & Recreation committee for the K-W Community Foundation, chair of the Regional & Municipal Affairs committee for the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, and chair of the Volunteer Services committee for Oktoberfest.

All of these involvements contributed to Harris’ nomination. “I think that I was chosen for a combination of my work successes as well as my volunteer leadership in the community,” said Harris.

“I also run a small business, so I think the sheer volume probably played a role.”

“I don’t do it for the award, I volunteer to make a difference in the community, because I love living here,” Harris continued.

“It’s a validation that the stuff you’re doing makes a difference, it’s nice to be acknowledged for the time and effort I put into the community.” Harris’ wife, Megan another alumnus and staff member of Laurier, was awarded the achievement last year.

Both recipients are flattered by this achievement and Harris stated, “I think it’s great that The Record continues to do this, and for me it’s more about the recognition, that through this, I can bring recognition to the organizations I’m involved with.”

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