Communication needed between faculty and admin

It appears as though there is a disconnect in communication between the faculty and the administration at Laurier.

For instance, the problems surrounding the miscommunication of budget cuts and increased class sizes are ones that negatively affect the entire university.

A practical solution is needed to address the faculty and administrations inability to effectively interact, as the lack of communication is having a significant impact on the Laurier community.

Currently, there is no forum or infrastructure in place which can facilitate a discourse between the professors and the administration about the goings-on of the university.

While tenured professors have the freedom to voice their disappointment and to critique the operations of Laurier, many other professors, including contract academic staff, are silenced in fear of threatening their careers.

The administration at Laurier is not encouraging their staff to speak up; therefore, problems are going unsolved.

If there is no forum through which discussion, that can lead to improvements, can be made, students will continuously witness similar problems year after year.

Such unresolved issues are causing professors to complain to their students too frequently about the administration and, in the end, this solves nothing.

Rather, this affects the quality of the education Laurier students are receiving.

Professors are the ones who teach the courses students are paying to attend; without good professors, a quality university education is not attainable.

Professors’ concerns are valuable, and if Laurier is an environment that values academics, their perspective is crucial.