Collision at King St. and University Ave. sends pedestrians to hospital

Two cars collided on King Street and University Avenue on Jan. 10 shortly after 5 p.m., hitting six pedestrians.

At least three of the pedestrians struck were Laurier students. According to witnesses, the accident occurred when a Mazda SUV was turning south onto King Street from University Avenue. The driver said that the light was yellow as he was turning. According to the driver, the second car — a late model Ford Taurus — was speeding through the yellow light.

The Taurus struck the Mazda, hit three pedestrians who were crossing King Street, collided with a pole and hit another three pedestrians on the sidewalk.

According to one of the first three pedestrians struck, the driver of the Taurus was unhurt and immediately turned his car around, exited, and asked if everyone was okay.

The three pedestrians who had been struck in the street suffered shock and minor injuries, mostly to their legs. One was seen being taken away in an ambulance, while the other two, visibly distraught, were able to leave the scene.

Those who had been struck on the sidewalk appeared to be suffering more serious injuries. One of the victims was bleeding profusely and was eventually taken into an ambulance.

The driver of the SUV appeared unharmed.

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