Cocktails for fall


(Graphic by Kate Turner)
(Graphic by Kate Turner)

Royal Washington Apple
1 ounce of Crown Royal and a quarter ounce of Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka. To be enjoyed with ice for your pleasure.

It’s the kind of beverage that you need to  take your time with. I don’t usually mix liquors, which is why I found the Royal Washington Apple a bit strong for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, it is not a bad drink at all, but you would have to be hard as nails if you felt like racing to finish it.

Cinnamon Toast Cocktail
A dash of sugar, cinnamon, and Captain Morgan’s Original Spiced Rum, and hot apple cider. Rim your glass in both the sugar and the cinnamon, adding one shot of rum.

The spiced rum really mingles together with the sugar and cinnamon, and is very satisfying married with the hot cider. It is not overwhelmingly sweet and doesn’t sacrifice the taste. Light and sweet, it is a fireside drink that warms you up instantly.

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