Coca-Cola comes clean in new ad

(Graphic by Steph Truong)
(Graphic by Steph Truong)

There’s always a sigh of relief that comes when the truth is finally revealed.

It uncovers the darkness that resides within the lies and, besides, being fooled is a humiliation that no one wants to go through.

Living in a world where our choices are enhanced by the products we choose to purchase, our eyes are not fooled by the media attached to them.

Coca Cola, the soda kings of the world have come forward and admitted that their products can be the cause of obesity with their recent launch of their new ad campaign.

This meant that I was able to officially confirm that the large Sprite I was guzzling during “homework time” was bad for me.

In fact, that delicious carbonated lime-flavoured drink could be the cause towards my potential obesity —and other health-related diseases—and I should be extremely conscious.

But I already knew that.

It’s not like I think every time I eat a handful of fries that I am getting a good source of vitamins and nutrients.

Coffee burns a hole in my stomach every time I opt-in for my daily caffeine fix.

The same thing goes with any highly sugary and carbonated drink.

If it I buy the products in the snack section – which is where you can find all of Coca Cola’s product then I already know I’m stepping into the red-zone of bad eating.

While the campaign is smart in addressing the accessibility of information on Coke’s products to warn us of the calories and fat that are going into our bodies, did we really need to wait this long for an ad to tell us?

Apparently so.

Soon Coca Cola products will start advertising on their bottles the amount of calories each bottle contains.

As well as that,  the amount of soda within a can will be reduced, making it easier for consumers to practice portion control.

Although the campaign is initially set for Americans who suffer the highest percentage of obesity rates in the world, shouldn’t this be something all of us should be paying attention to?

It is easy to get sucked into products and goods without knowing the consequences.

However, just because we aren’t in as much of an ‘obesity pickle’ as the United States, we still have to be careful as it poses a serious health concern on us all.

The second-largest killer of Canadians is heart disease, and the connection between bad consumer products and heart disease it almost too obvious.

Take a moment to think about all the different types of drinks you consume during the week, or more specifically, during a weekend of partying or all-night studying rampages for midterms.

Think any of those energy drinks, pops, or drink mixes are good for you? Absolutely not.

Do we think twice about it? No, because it gets us through whatever needs to be done.

However it is sad to realize when it’s too late and not first think twice about what we consume.

Why wait until now for Coca Cola’s confession to make a change?

We are smarter than that and should know.

It’s easy for any of us to obsess about calorie counting and figuring out the numbers, so why not just apply that to your common knowledge next time you reach for a Diet Coke.

So, thank you Coca Cola for coming forward and warning us that your drinks will most likely be a negative cause towards our health.

It was a shock to us all—not that we didn’t know but the fact that your advertisements actually admit that your products are leading to our health failures.

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