Clingy Much?

(Photo by Andreas Patsiaouros)

“I’ve told him I wasn’t interested, but he thinks I’m playing hard to get.  Help!” This phrase has been said about one of the most unattractive traits a person could ever possess: Clinginess.  It’s annoying and exhausting for both parties.

Guys aren’t the only ones who are possessive; girls can be clingy too, and it is a  turn off. This article isn’t being written as a guide for males or females; it’s a guide for anyone who finds themselves acting in this clingy manner so that they can change.

If you’ve been called a stage-five clinger and are not sure what this means, let me break it down. A stage-five clinger is described as “a member of the opposite sex that has become overly attached, overly fast.”

So how do you know if you are a stage-five clinger? There are  tell-tale signs you can self-diagnose that can confirm or deny.
Cell phone warrior
If you find yourself mashing redial for hours upon hours or calling them from blocked numbers so they can’t screen your call, you’re clingy.  If you’re constantly checking to see if they have messaged you on any platform and become so obsessed with hearing from them that you can’t even function, you’re a stage-five clinger. If someone wants to talk to you, they will.

Cyber stalking
Do you often find yourself always refreshing his or her Facebook or Twitter pages?  Do you check out all their friends’ photos and get jealous over things posted on their walls?  If yes, then congratulations, you might be a crazy stalker.  Step away from the computer, get some fresh air and stop being a creeper.

You’re an embellisher
Do you tell people that you’re dating someone, when in reality he or she has never spoken a word to you?  Pretending something is more than it actually is not only makes you look shady, it’s delusional. You’re definitely extremely clingy if you’re spending most of your time fabricating stories.

The guilt trip
If you try to guilt someone into spending time with you, or pull stunts so that they will feel obligated to be a part of your life, you’re essentially forcing them to be there and that’s definitely not what you want.  You shouldn’t have to guilt anyone into being with you. Fact.

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