Chirping Hall of Fame

(Graphic by Kate Turner)

This past Saturday, Wilfrid Laurier University welcomed its returning veterans and newcomers with a parade of Golden Hawk spirit and a nice glass of beer.

Yes, the festivities of Homecoming this year proved to be no different than previous years.

Celebrating Homecoming here at Laurier means also celebrating the rowdy students decked out in purple and gold, the houses tapping kegs in the wee hours of the morning, the sold out football game that everyone only sees half of, and the city becoming ravished with ecstatic school spirit.

Homecoming 2012 certainly lived up to its tag line, “New Century. Same Pride.”

The Laurier’s men’s football game, although failing to actually win the one game fans trekked out to see, saw substantial support from the community; waving at a stadium packed with 9,231 screaming, adoring fans.

And of those 9,000 attendees, many were my favourite kind of fans: drunken Laurier undergrads.

Amidst all the hectic chaos that encompasses Laurier’s Homecoming, I personally like listening to the hilarious chirps, obnoxious trash-talk and sarcastic comments that entertain the crowd.

Hilarious remarks such as, “number eight’s a back up!” “ref, go back to footlocker,” or more accusatory chants like “you f***ed up, you f****ed up! are just a few examples of what was loudly exclaimed through the Laurier crowd.

However, I am personally awarding the winning chirp of Homecoming 2012 to whoever was behind the, “Guelph girls are easy” chant.

Touché, mystery chirper.

So wrapping up Saturday’s events, what we’re left with is a hung-over student body, a football team that is now 2-3 and a pile of neglected homework that needs to be nursed back to health.

But to those who actually attended the Homecoming game, cheered their hearts out and came up with a chant clever enough to make everyone join in unison, I will take a moment to thank you for your inebriated hilarity.

It certainly made my Homecoming “memorable”.

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