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Waterloo Regional community takes stock of the LRT

In anticipation for the new light rail transit (LRT) transit system to officially open, KW community members have begun to evaluate the new system. Throughout the process of installing the new ion train system in the KW community, there have been many critiques from residents of both Kitchener and Waterloo. The LRT will have 22 stops, along a 36 km […]

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Students’ Union plays part in creating new standardized lease agreement

On April 30. 2018, a new mandatory standardized lease will become available across Ontario for renters and tenants. The Laurier Students’ Union has worked with the Ministry of Housing and the Government of Ontario to produce the new standardized lease, ensuring it also applies to students. The Students’ Union has been advocating for the mandatory lease since last semester as […]

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Waterloo Fire Rescue warns residents about potential carbon monoxide poisoning

This winter, experts and officials are warning people across Canada to be more vigilant and prepared for the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning. One such person is John Percy, public education officer for Waterloo Fire Rescue “Carbon monoxide is what we call the ‘silent killer,’” Percy said. “What we find in the winter season, with people running their cars in […]

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University of Guelph professor is out on leave after allegedly ridiculing student with severe anxiety

A professor at the University of Guelph, Edward Hedican, is being investigated after allegedly making inappropriate remarks towards a student in his first-year anthropology lecture who identifies as having severe anxiety. According to CBC, the professor is being accused of calling the student’s aid worker his “handler.” Other students in the lecture also said that the professor allegedly told the […]

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Waterloo Region bands together at second annual Women’s March

On Jan. 20, 2017, 500 individuals joined together to march for women’s rights in downtown Kitchener. The Women’s March of the Waterloo Region is one of the many worldwide protests that advocate for human rights. “Women’s rights are human rights and I think that my main lens is that women can be leaders,” Carolina Miranda, coordinator of the Waterloo Region […]

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Church opens its doors during colder weather

  On Jan. 9, the Regional Municipality of Waterloo approved a temporary overnight flexible space for emergency shelter overflow at St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Kitchener. Operated nightly by the House of Friendship, the church will be providing overflow flexible space beginning around the end of the month until April 30, 2018. St. Matthew’s Church will be able to accommodate […]

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Region’s first ION car sent back to Bombardier for completion

Earlier this month, the first ION light rail car to arrive in the Waterloo Region, vehicle 501, was shipped back to Bombardier, its manufacturer in Kingston, for completion. Tom Galloway, counsellor in Waterloo, noted that when the vehicle was sent to Waterloo Region last year, it was known that it was in an incomplete state. “We needed that vehicle in […]

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$26.6 million renovation approved for Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Waterloo council has approved the $26.6 million renovation of the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. The recreation centre is now going forward to the next phase of planning details for construction. The team has aimed to present the details of the plans to the council in February of 2019 and, pending approval, construction will begin spring of 2019. Construction of the […]

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