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Region’s first ION car sent back to Bombardier for completion

Earlier this month, the first ION light rail car to arrive in the Waterloo Region, vehicle 501, was shipped back to Bombardier, its manufacturer in Kingston, for completion. Tom Galloway, counsellor in Waterloo, noted that when the vehicle was sent to Waterloo Region last year, it was known that it was in an incomplete state. “We needed that vehicle in […]

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$26.6 million renovation approved for Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

Waterloo council has approved the $26.6 million renovation of the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex. The recreation centre is now going forward to the next phase of planning details for construction. The team has aimed to present the details of the plans to the council in February of 2019 and, pending approval, construction will begin spring of 2019. Construction of the […]

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Change in temperature causes flooding and property damage at multiple locations

A quick change in the weather this morning resulted in numerous property damage calls around the Kitchener-Waterloo area. After a sharp increase in temperature, tenants and employees returning to several residential and commercial buildings in the area — including The Cord’s office at 205 Regina and student apartments on King and Colombia — reported property damage and leakage stemming from burst pipes […]

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Street party on Ezra Avenue costs region over $80,000

  Waterloo Regional Police Services (WRPS) has announced that Wilfrid Laurier University’s 2017 homecoming cost the Region over 80,000 dollars to implement safety measures. WRPS says the additional costs stem from additional amounts of overtime, event training and more. With street parties on Ezra Avenue becoming increasingly bigger each year on both homecoming and St. Patrick’s Day, WRPS has expressed […]

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King Street opens after construction closures just in time for the holidays

  Dec. 1 marked the last day of construction for 2017 in Uptown Waterloo. King street has finally reopened, a sign of relief for many of the businesses in the affected area. The section between Willis Way to Bridgeport Road reopened just in time for the city’s holiday market that took place over the weekend. Although this year has been […]

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LGBTQ+ friendly church is target of vandalism

On Thursday Nov. 30 a local Waterloo church was vandalized with threatening  biblical verses. Parkminster United Church is an affirming congregation which means they are educated on topics such as inclusivity. Parkminster is known by the community to be an LGBTQ+ friendly church. “The latest occurrence happened last Thursday Nov. 30 on church property, it was discovered in the morning […]

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