Canada in brief: May 18, 2011


Quebec citizens head home

The people of Quebec are finally making their way home after the worst swell of water levels in recent history in the province’s Montérégie region. City inspectors will be on the streets informing citizens how to return home safely.
About 800 residents had to leave the area because of the flooding, and 350 of those will be returning to homes with significant damage.The water levels of the Richelieu River began to rise on April 23; heavy rain and melting snow made the situation worse over the following weeks. Canadian soldiers were dispatched to the flood zone on May 5 to support local emergency officials already on the ground.

Ignatieff finds new employment

Less than 48 hours after Michael Ignatieff resgined as Canada’s liberal leader he found new employment. Ignatieff will become a seinor resident at the University of Toronto’s Massey College. John Fraser, master of the College, announced last Thursday that Ignatieff will teach classes on international relations, political science and law in his new role — one that has been previously held by other high-profile politicians.

“It has been a tradition for some time to offer the position to political leaders making transitions in their professional lives,” he said, “Ignatieff is an internationally-respected academic and author who will be welcomed by the university community in Toronto.”

–Compiled by Amanda Steiner

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