Canada in brief

Cancer patients receive diluted drugs
Patients at hospitals in Oshawa, Windsor, Peterborough and London have received a series of chemotherapy cocktails that were found to be water downed. 1,776 patients were given cyclophosphamide, a drug that is administered to cancer patients. The vice president of clinical operations at Cancer Care Ontario, Dr. Carol Sawka, explained that patients received a slightly less than intended dose due to the hospitals’ outsourcing of the chemotherapy drugs to a supplier. The premixed bags were prepared by Marchese Health Care in Hamilton, and are collaborating with their partners to address this issue.

Charges laid for robo-calls
Michael Sona, the director of communications on the campaign team for  2011 Conservative election candidate Marty Burke,  has been charged for his involvement in the robo-calls scandal. Sona expressed that he does not hold the required technical intelligence to follow through with the fraudulent automated phone calls. The 6,000 robo-calls were created to send non-conservative voters to the incorrect polling station in the Ontario riding Guelph, using a list compiled by the Conservative party.

Sona resigned from working for Conservative MP Eve Adams last year after he was initially linked to the suspicions. However, Sona claimed that he resigned due to the overwhelming media attention that hindered his ability to do his job.         Prime Minister Stephen Harper stated in 2011 that his conservative team had absolutely no role in any of it. Canada Elections will continue the investigation.

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