Campus clubs get their space


At the July 22 Wilfrid Laurier University Student’s Union (WLUSU) board of directors meeting, the re-proposal by campus clubs to relocate to the fourth floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre (FNCC) was the focal point of discussion.

The last proposal, which was discussed on June 16, failed to pass because many directors were wary of the costs and the lack of communication there was with individual campus club members. The original cost proposed was just under $70,000.

Nick Gibson, president and CEO of WLUSU, said that the university “is in a really tight spot” in terms of space, and there were original proposals to move campus clubs to a space in the Grad Pub, but the Grad Students Association (GSA) rejected that idea.

Codi Costello, vice president of campus clubs and faculty associations for WLUSU, made her second presentation and cited various club members on their thoughts about a new space. According to Costello’s presentation, the new space would be in the Hawk’s Nest beside the Turret nightclub, and will act as a resource centre and storage facility, while providing access to campus club coordinators and a lounge space with a television.

“Being beside the Turret, I think it’s a great branding opportunity because a lot of students know where the Turret is,” said Costello, adding that the new space could also be used by other WLUSU committees.

By reusing furniture and deciding to not change the lighting, the new proposed cost of the space is around $49,000. The floor plans haven’t changed from the original proposal.

After Costello’s presentation, the board passed the space for campus clubs unanimously.

The next topic of discussion among the board was the implementation of water coolers around campus. These water coolers — two of which will be bought by WLUSU — will be open to any student that needs access to water, and will used as a method to cut down on plastic bottle use.

At a price of $14,500, WLUSU will place one cooler in the Terrace and the other in the hall of fame, across from Wilf’s. Additional units will be placed in the concourse and by the geography department, but these will not be supplied by WLUSU.

“[It] fits our values,” said director Jon Pyrce during the meeting. “It’s the way of the future so we’re happy we’re doing something like this.”

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