From June 14-17, Wilfrid Laurier University hosted its first ever Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) conference.
Working in correspondance with the University of Waterloo and Conestoga College, the conference was focused around ideas of innovation, integration and intelligence.

“The theme, i3, was based on the fact that we were testing something together as a threesome,” said WLU dean of students, and one of the coordinators of the conference, David McMurray.

“The program developed around this and was set up so that each day revolved around one of the i’s.”

The conference, which has been a yearly occurance since 1972, is a professional development opportunity for Canadian student affairs and services staff. McMurray has been involved in the past 30 conferences.

“[Everyone] comes together to present and learn from the program and benefit from your colleagues as well and externally from the keynote,” said McMurray.

Another important part of the conference is the networking opportunities presented to participants outside the sessions.

“The focus has always been has always been the students and the student experience,” said McMurray.

“[The conference] will continue to be centered on students and their success.”

This was the first year that colleges participated in the planning and attendence and the sessions did not focus exclusively on university topics.