Business values affirmed


Re: “Money isn’t everything” Oct. 7, 2009

I am compelled to respond to Kimberly Elworthy’s article from last week in The Cord.

How you worded the problem, how “[you were] bothered by the overall obsession with money and numbers,” I felt like I could really relate to what you were saying.

I’ve definitely been there – I transferred from engineering at UW because of the same problem and was not relieved to go into business at Laurier and see even more of an obsession among the student body there.

As a sort of alternate reality to your own, instead of leaving I worked hard to establish a set of values that I could be proud of, and use them to guide my decisions in business.

My question to you is, if your career in film runs into moral or value issues concerning money, wealth, materialism, and power, what will you do then?

–Dave Smith

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