BoG candidates vie for single position

Three candidates made their bid for the sole vacant position on the Wilfrid Laurier University board of governors. Leveraging their diverse backgrounds and experience, Scott Fleming, Michael Gagliano and Seth Warren made the argument for who was the most qualified to have a say in the university’s governance, revenue and property for the next two years.

Addressing a question about potential committee involvement if elected as a student governor, both Gagliano and Warren revealed their interests in finance. While Gagliano stated he would join the finance and investment committee to “make sure this university is fiscally responsible,” Warren stated he would utilize his practical experience in auditing through his co-op placement to work with the auditing and compliance committee.

Taking a different approach to the idea of potential committee work, Fleming responded, “I would sit on the outreach committee – I don’ t even know if that’s a committee right now but it should be.”

Fleming discussed his commitment to the role of student governor, explaining, “I’d only be on the board of directors [for the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union] and this position where some of the other candidates will have three full time positions and co-op and the course load which I think could be a heavy time burden.”

The statement caught the interest of students in the audience, and was later followed by a question about how time commitment and co-op placements affect the suitability of a candidate.

In answering the question, Fleming said, “I will be a full time student on campus for the entire academic year and I’ll probably be around for the summer,” regarding his accessibility to students and campus issues.

Warren and Gagliano – both co-op students in the business faculty – also addressed the concern.

“That’s legitimately the only reason why I didn’t run for the board again [last] year, because I’m on co-op right now and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to handle the time commitment,” admitted Warren. “But now I am, and that’s why I’m back here in front of all of you.”

Sharing a similar sentiment, explaining he ensured that his current employers would allow him to make the time to be on campus, Gagliano said, “I’m running strictly for board of governors. I want to focus 100 per cent of my effort on this position.”

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