Board of governors candidates platforms


Saad Aslam

Re-elect a friendly, tireless and experienced advocate as your Student Governor. After 2.5 years as a Student Governor and 4 years of representation within the WLUSU and WLU, I believe I am by far the most qualified candidate for this position.

If re-elected, I promise to continue being informed, accessible, and outspoken in support of our collective student issues.

My reputation and past experiences stand up for themselves, they include:
CASA Campus Ambassador 2007-2009
WLUSU Director 2008-2010
Chairman of the WLUSU BOD 2009-2010
WLU Student Senator 2008-2010
Current WLUSU VP: University-Affairs
Current OUSA VP: Finance
Current WLU Student Governor

Thanks for your continued support and if you have any questions or concerns post a message on the Facebook group: “Vote Saad for BOG” or e-mail

Ted Brown

I’m a third year politics, philosophy, and economics major at WLU. I am heavily involved around campus working at the pool, volunteering on the board of directors, and competing for the WLU Debate Society.

What sets me apart from my fellow candidates (charm and smouldering good looks aside) is my involvement with the Senate this year and next. I am currently on the senate finance committee and next year I intend to join the board finance committee if elected. Personally, I believe that I can be a far more effective student representative and advocate if elected to this second position.

Lastly, as I have stepped out of the running for board of directors, I have decided to make senate and board of governor’s issues my top priority, as I see these two houses as the most viable avenue for change.

Tom Papanastasiou

As a current director of the WLUSU, I have seen first-hand how the WLUSU and WLU interact. I believe that although we have a good relationship with the university, it would be more effective to advocate for students to WLU by being directly part of their corporate government. That is why this year I have chosen to run for both the Board of Governors and BoD. My main objectives if I am elected to the Board of Governors are to advocate for increased study space, improvements to the Athletics Complex, and improvements to Laurier Wireless.

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