Avoiding the hostel


With summer just a term away, many students have already begun to dream of incredible travel plans. As far as traveling goes, the majority of young individuals all have different opinions on how and where they would like to travel. If you are one of those students who really wants to escape and travel but is hesitant on hostels, here are five great suggestions to enjoy a comfortable trip while still being mindful of your wallet.

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Broaden your horizons

Making vacation last for months

Working at a resort in a location where you wish to travel makes perfect sense. You will not only be making money but you will be meeting lots of young individuals who are going through the same experience as yourself. An added bonus is a lot of the time you will be able to get a “locals” discount around town. Many resorts are searching for seasonal workers, too.


This website is a great resource for travelling. Air BNB offers housing for short to long periods of time in 170 countries. Be sure to check out the reviews of previous travellers and the top 50 homes.

Get a little help from your friends

Trips are usually significantly cheaper when you book it with a group. Why not take advantage of our generation’s desire to travel and book a group trip with Contiki, S-trip or Ef tours? Time to start using all those organization skills you have acquired over university as many of these companies let the organizer go for free.

Deals of the week

Newspapers, travel agencies and websites often list cheap deals to amazing destinations. Keep searching and eventually you will come across a deal that can include many great features for a pretty penny. Organize your vacation plans like who you will be travelling with and what timeframe beforehand to prevent last-minute panic attacks.

Save me a cushion

Couchsurfing.com is a social network website that allows travellers to be paired up with like-minded individuals across the globe who offer couches, beds or even a floor to sleep on for free. Perfect for frugal travellers looking to meet other people.

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