Autumn is here… so is the beer

You might not feel like a pretentious intellectual showing off how cultured you are — but fuck those people.

Photo by Will Huang
Photo by Will Huang

Wellington Brewery
Imperial Russian Stout

My favourite style of beer for winter is the Russian Imperial Stout. With big roasted, chocolate and burnt malt characteristics, as well as a high ABV, this type of beer presents a ton of flavour and warmth.

Wellington’s Imperial Russian Stout is my go-to. It’s a great example of the style without being over the top. Enjoyed best when not too cold so that the flavours become more pronounced. It’s thick, dark and the flavour is both sweet and woody, allowing it to go down smooth.

Best served in a snifter or a pint glass, enjoy a beer fit for Russian royalty while you relax with dessert, or before bed.

–Jon Johnson

Collective Arts Brewing
Rhyme & Reason

This fall, I’ve continuously reached for Collective Arts’ Rhyme & Reason, a crisp extra pale ale that strikes a nice balance of pine-bitterness and palatable citrus.

The brew goes down as easy as an India Session Ale, but the extra ABV comes in handy once the assignments start to pile on. Although Rhyme & Reason’s flavour notes recall brighter seasons, every sip of this brew feels like a vacation from the impending dry and cold weather.

Collective Arts Brewing is commited to supporting local art by featuring select artwork on every bottle of Rhyme & Reason, making it a perfect fit in my fridge.

–Zach Guitor

Cameron’s Brewing
Rye Pale Ale

The India Pale Ale for me is a classic summer beer. However because it is my beer of choice all year round, I’m always looking at the LCBO for new takes on the classic hoppy formula.

This season the beer that really lit my taste buds on fire was the Rye Pale Ale from Cameron’s Brewing Company out of Oakville Ontario.

The beer has a weight from its rye base that softens the bitterness from the hops without sacrificing the beautiful citrusy flavour, which is also complemented by hints of spice.

It’s the perfect beer for the end of a long cold day, which is just what you need for this beautiful Canadian autumn.

–Mynt Marsellus

Grand River Brewery
Highballer Pumpkin Ale

The pumpkins used in this beer come from the garden of Bob Hannenburg, owner and president of Grand River Brewery.

The Highballer yields an orange-colour body and frothy cream-white head that looks and smells like pumpkin pie. This beer melds a subtle pumpkin taste with its balanced malt and hops profile. Its malty, caramel sweetness is contributed with the use of cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, cloves and vanilla.

What this beer accomplishes is taking the taste of pumpkin and letting the spices combine with it to help elevate this beer to the perfect companion for fall.

–Bryan Stephens

Wellington Brewery
Trailhead Lager

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to get shit-faced. Why else is Phil’s still standing? If you’re looking for a mediocre brew that will get you the buzz you’re searching for, without having to compromise your hard-earned money, go for Trailhead Logger.

It’s beer. Tastes like beer. Smells like beer. Spills like beer. If you’re planning on throwing a final backyard kegger before the weather feels like knives stabbing your face, grab a keg of this cheap party juice.

You might not feel like a pretentious intellectual showing off how cultured you are — but fuck those people.

–Mitchell Consky

Creemore Springs Brewery
Oktoberfest Lager

My all time favourite beer for any season is a Sleeman. Whether it is the Honey Brown or the Original Draught, you just cannot beat the price and reliability of that famous Guelph brew. However for this fall season, I am going to have to change it up and go with the Creemore Springs Oktoberfest Lager.

With the fall season comes freshly harvested hops and you simply cannot go wrong when Creemore Springs puts out a seasonal beer like this. If you’re like me and love savoury and spicy foods then this beer is perfect for you. I can think of no other better reward after studying for midterms than to get a pound of spicy wings to go along with a fresh, cold bottle.

This lager is only available for a limited so I’d recommend picking some up if you have a chance.

–Ryan Culley

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