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Nick Lachance placed third in the Canadian Community Newspaper Association Awards Outstanding Campus Photography category.

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The future of the Star Wars franchise rests on Disney

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I almost stopped giving a shit about Star Wars, Almost! Then they announced there was going to be another trilogy, and after 31 years (yes since birth, I Force Pushed my way out of the womb) of devoted fandom I still had to pay attention. However if I can’t give […]

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Long-awaited Halo 4 doesn’t disappoint

Long-awaited Halo 4 doesn’t disappoint

The first time I played Halo, I was hooked. It was 2001, I was probably stoned and I was in love. That single moment in time has been affecting me for over ten years. Since then, I have stood in line at the midnight release of Halo 2, pre-ordered the limited collectors edition of Halo 3 and have spent countless […]

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Art of mental health

This past Sunday, The Tannery in Kitchener came alive with multiple mediums of artwork depicting emotional representations of recovery from mental health and addictions issues. “From the inside out … creating awareness through art” was the result of a partnership between the Grand River Hospital, Spark of Brilliance and the Self Help Alliance. The event focused on raising awareness of […]

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Copp boasts student projects

“I don’t want to pretend I know how to do any of this,”  Terry Copp, director of the Laurier Center for Military Strategic and Disarmament Studies (LCMSDS), stated while talking about digitization of LCMSDS publications. “But I know how to encourage young people who know how to do these things … and on a good day I know how to […]

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Mental health concerns everyone

Mental health. Two words we have all heard of, but rarely speak about. Why? Well, you can’t talk about ‘it,’ otherwise you’re one of them, a crazy person, right? That seems to be the line society is willing to tote. Mental health is taboo, ‘it’ isn’t normal, there are places for people who need that sort of help, so, let […]

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