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Uptown’s Brick Brewery closing, expanding in Kitchener

After thirty years, Brick Brewery Co. Limited will no longer be offering “Brick Tours” to the public. The popular local brewery plans to close the doors of their Waterloo location — for good. “It’s mixed emotions moving out of that location,” said president and CEO of Brick Brewery, George Croft. “It’s where the company got started.” Their property, located at […]

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Don’t walk on the hawk – The background of a tradition

  The golden hawk on the floor of the first level of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre has a well-known tradition surrounding it, but many students today may not know the origins of why they’re not allowed to step on it. “It’s intriguing how something so simple can generate a lot of attention and become a source of pride,” said […]

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Waterloo’s first board game café coming soon

Jeanette Menezes and Sean Wilson are excited to get “board.” The young couple has launched Games on Tap, Waterloo’s first board game café. Games on Tap, located at 321 Weber Street North, hopes to be the latest hangout spot for university students and young professionals in the coming months. The name describes exactly what customers can expect from the new […]

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Feline film festival hits K-W

Feline film festival hits K-W

It all started with a cat, a camera and YouTube. Just for Cats is a Canada-wide film festival that promotes cat welfare, while entertaining on the silver screen. A juried film festival, audience members were able to watch the best cats of the Internet. On June 12, Princess Cinema played host to the festival, screening popular videos including Keyboard Cat, […]

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McMullan’s Pub ready to reopen

It’s been almost a year since Chuck McMullan has been allowed to step inside his pub — and he’s frustrated with the delay. “Check your insurance policy,” McMullan warns the public as he reflects on a challenging year. McMullan’s Pub and Grill House, located at 56 King Street North, was one of many businesses put on hiatus after a storm […]

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Police disclosure of mental health information questioned

Ellen Richardson was ready for her dream vacation. This was until she was denied entrance into the United States due to an event from her past — one that should never have been disclosed to border officials. Richardson had signed up for a cruise exclusively for persons living with physical disabilities. However, once she reached the border, an officer looked […]

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Students find home in Waterloo Region post-graduation

For some, four years in Waterloo just isn’t enough. An increasing number of students have decided to call K-W their new home once they have reached alumni status. In fact, Wilfrid Laurier University’s alumni services revealed that out of a total of 85,420 alumni, 12,429 are now living in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, including Cambridge. That’s 14.5 per cent of graduating […]

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Groups seek research on pesticides

Major environmental groups are calling on the federal government to take action on declining bee populations. A conditional agreement with pesticide producers that called for studies to determine if pesticides were chronically harming bees has not been nationally enforced. The Pest Management Regulatory Agency, which is run by Health Canada, has been asking for the studies on neonicotinoid pesticides and […]

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University worth the cost

A lot of people ask me if it was worth $8,000 a year to get a degree in English. I tell them “no.” I say this because I don’t believe you can evaluate the experience of university and all its facets into mere dollars and cents. Yes, university is a costly expenditure and if you ask the majority of the […]

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Police get trained in mental health

Sometimes, even the city’s law enforcement officers need a little more training. Waterloo Regional Police Services representatives recently attended a convention in Toronto to learn effective strategies to deal with mental health issues on the job. Mental wellness of police officers and victims of crimes is a growing concern for those working in law enforcement. Many of the crimes, scenes, […]

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