Attack on Taylor Swift uncalled for


RE: Taylor Swift confirms her promiscuity, Oct. 27

That article in the Oct. 27 edition of The Cord which stated that in her new CD Taylor Swift “confirms her promiscuity” is unbiased journalism at its finest! The author specifically pointed out Swift’s song, “Dear John,” because it describes a relationship that she had with John Mayer. If the author had done any research, or perhaps, wonder of wonders, listened to the song, he/she would know that in that song, Swift regrets it.

Also, just because this relationship was with John Mayer, known for being quite a ladies’ man (why I am not entirely sure, but whatever floats their boat), does not mean that Swift was promiscuous. She states in her song that, “[She] took [his] matches before fire could catch [her]” intimating that she got out of that relationship quickly before anything could happen. So while it was kind of creepy, Swift got over it.

I also noticed that on, this little arts bite was heavily edited, as more of a study on the song and the creepiness of Swift’s relationship with Mayer. That’s good, but the first article was the one that was printed, and therefore had wider readership.

I understand that the author is not a professional writer, but there is no need to write slander and pass it off as news! That one, tiny article, by its biased, unprofessional, and false attack on Taylor Swift, undermines the credibility of the entire newspaper. What other articles are just as false or slanderous?
—Alexandra Krawecki

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