Arts & Life Editor

The Arts & Life Editor is expected to have thorough knowledge of their field, present strong time management skills, and exhibit comfort in conducting interviews. They must be organized and diligent in ensuring their work is factually correct. Candidates for this position also must: 

  • Assist in recruiting and training volunteers; 
  • Contribute a minimum of one editorial per year; 
  • Contribute one feature per semester; 
  • Be consistently up-to-date with the issues, concerns and events occurring within the respective field of coverage; 
  • Develop content ideas for the section and submit them to the Editor-in-Chief on a set deadline; 
  • Hold weekly section meetings with section volunteers and distribute content ensuring everything is covered; 
  • Provide feedback to volunteers weekly; 
  • Cover stories that aren’t taken by volunteers; 
  • Receive stories from volunteers, edit them structure, content and CP Style; 
  • Submit all stories to the Editor-in-Chief on a set deadline, unless otherwise negotiated; 
  • Place visual requests for all stories in a proper timely fashion; 
  • Contribute no less than two video ideas per month; plan and execute them with the help of the Creative Director and Multimedia & Website Director; 
  • Dedicate equal time to planning and executing web-exclusive content and visuals; 
  • Manage the @cordarts Twitter account 
  • Attend Editorial Board Meetings once a week 


When using social media in regards to The Cord or WLUSP, the editor is expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner 

Applicants are expected to provide one (1) sample piece of writing that is preferably related to their section. 

Serving the Waterloo campus, The Cord seeks to provide students with relevant, up to date stories. We’re always interested in having more volunteer writers, photographers and graphic designers.