Arts bites: May 30, 2012

Ma-Ma- Ma-donna
Music icon/fake British person Madonna, while performing at a show in Israel, apparently broke into a rendition of current superstar Lady Gaga’s hit “Born This Way”.
The significance of this is the controversy that surrounds the song choice, as Madonna has been quite outspoken about how derivative Gaga’s music has been since hitting it big.
There is no report as to whether or not “Madge” has found anyone who remotely cares what she thinks yet.

The King’s New Crypt-keeper
Filling your creepy famous person news for the month, a celebrity auctioneer has decided to put up for bids the original crypt in which Elvis Presley was first buried.
It should be no time at all that the person who wins out will use the empty tomb as proof that The King is still alive somewhere.

That Apple Show
Ashton Kutcher has begun filming his starring role in the independent film about the life of Apple genius Steve Jobs. Outside of the risky casting, the film (entitled jOBS) is now going to be even more overshadowed by a separate, seemingly more legitimate production being penned by Oscar winner Aaron Sorkin.
To combat this new turn of events, the jOBS filmmakers are looking to see whether Topher Grace, Mila Kunis or the guy who played “Red” are willing to join Kutcher on the movie in order to spice it up some.

–Compiled by Wade Thompson

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