Annual day of happiness reminds meaning of true happiness

Photo by Luke Sarazin

Since 2012, the UN general assembly has set up an annual day of happiness.

On March 20, the United Nations  urges communities to come together to celebrate a new holiday; to remembr what it means to be happy.

“[We are trying to] remove barriers so we can unlock happiness inside groups, individuals, inside a collective,” Jennifer Moss, co-founder of plasticity labs and member of the UN global happiness council, said.

“[We] look at how we can impact it in a positive way. [We] work with cities, communities, places like Laurier to figure out ways to improve their happiness.”

Plasticity Labs is a communications company that tries to understand and improve well-being, culture and performance. By using scientific data, they are able to navigate emotions and boost morale.

“Happiness needs to be more recognized across the world,” Moss said. “It’s true science based in neuroscience. If we start getting people to think about it more, we can make better communities, countries … and world.”

This year, Plasticity labs have applied to Guiness World Records for the worlds largest Gratitude wall. The Gratitude wall is to celebrate the UN’s International Day of Happiness on March 20. This event is a world record attempt to raise awareness about the importance of happiness in a person’s everyday life.

“Gratitude posting and the gratitude wall is the core of who we are,” Moss said. “We know there is science behind [it].”

Moss is excited to bring the entire community together with live events such as dancing, food and music. Her company aims to create social interaction, offering activities suited for the whole family.

“Relationships are fundamental, it’s so important to your health to have real-life connections,” Moss said. “We must make a real choice behind what we do.”

“Canada has slipped three spots since report began in 2012. Something is happening, we aren’t as happy,” Moss said.

“We need to educate people that … we cannot forget what made us successful through evolution. Being connected and not with technology — which is tearing us apart — [but] face-to-face connections with people.”

Events such as Plasticity’s gratitude wall aim to raise awareness and eliminate the stigma that happiness is selfish.

“We have to remember it is okay to feel sad and lonely,” Moss said. “There is too much stigma that happiness is selfish. Everything we go through is not linear.”

Moss encourages everyone to come out to the event. There will be live music from a local radio station, therapy dogs, in addition to  treats and food catered by Communitech and Culinary Studios.

“We’re a family up there and everyone’s coming to support and celebrate,” she said.

“We’re going to make it really fun and remind people to be happy. We need to get back to having fun and realizing happiness should be institutionalized in our lives.”

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