2020 Students’ Union presidential and directorial board candidate platforms

Presidential candidates

Devyn Kelly

I’m Devyn Kelly, a fourth-year Political Science student and I am #DEVoted to you. I began my Laurier story on house council and have immersed myself in the Laurier community ever since. I have been an Icebreaker three times, I’m a Campus Ambassador, the Hiring and Recruitment Coordinator along with other clubs and committees.

My platform can be broken into three categories;




















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Leah Xuereb

I have designed my platform to be easily understood and digestible for everybody in the Laurier community. I want you as a voter to fully comprehend what you are supporting and for there to be no unrealistic goals that are hidden by fancy words.

I have organized my platform into three main tiers, each with separate goals that are equally as significant as the other. From being a student at Laurier for five years and taking on many different roles on campus within many diverse groups, I have seen and experienced Laurier in a multitude of perspectives.

I feel as though I am well equipped to be a spokesperson for the student body in a way that is representative of all members in the Student’s Union. I have written this platform based on my experiences and from discussions had with other Laurier students. This is a time for change, with everybody’s voice heard and accounted for when decisions are being made.


Mental Health & Wellness

Mental Health & Wellness Resource Guide

Mandatory Training for All SU Volunteers

PASS Kits (Panic, Anxiety, & Stress Support)


Healthy & Sustainable Living


Overall Student Engagement Initiatives

First-Year Student Engagement

Greek Life Engagement

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Directorial board candidates

Nicholas Quintyn

Did not submit a board of directors candidacy platform.

Justin Doolittle

I would like to use this position to encourage student participation and campus club awareness. By this I wish to direct attention to student involvement, in order to make student experiences and opportunities more enjoyable for students who find it difficult to take the initial step to become involved. Laurier is a community where all of us are included, and we should all be able to feel that way. The work I do will always be on behalf of the entire student body. Inclusivity is key, and as someone who has worked at Laurier’s on campus food court for the past year and a half, I have witnessed students continually talk about wanting more engagement with the golden hawk community with a focus on reducing school stress. This is the role I would like to represent, directing ideas toward overall student satisfaction, especially students who feel marginalized or discouraged.

Shane Symington

My name is Shane Symington, and I am a second-year student enrolled in Honours Communication Studies. I’m running to be on the board because I want to represent those in the community who are otherwise uninvolved, and attempt to further the sense of engagement and unity within the community.

I came to Laurier for a strong education that will provide the foundation for my career. However, after spending three semesters here, I’ve found that what makes Laurier home to me and so many other students is the strong and enduring sense of camaraderie within the community.

As a board member for the Student’s Union, I would bring about a fresh point of view on how to get students involved, a strong passion for unity, and hope to bring about ideas that better the student experience for both the Golden Hawks of today and tomorrow.

Lauren Rutherford

My name is Lauren Rutherford. I am a third year political science student, campaigning for election on the Students Union Board of Directors. During my three years at Laurier, I have been involved in the Student Union Committees for First Year Project and Outreach. In addition, to being an executive on the Laurier Model United Nations team, Association of Political Science Students, WLU Fashion Society and as an Icebreaker. All opportunities that have furthered my passion for the Laurier community.

My campaign goals center around ensuring more outreach from the Board to the student body. To build the transparency of the board, and working towards direct action to be implemented

in the student body’s best interests. If elected, I will be an influential advocate for the Laurier student body and ensure long-term student satisfaction.

Christy Francis

<p”>Wilfrid Laurier University stands for great values and principles. This university puts great effort and interest in us, its student body. Like this institution, I am committed to put the time and effort to better improve Student’s Union’s involvement in your university experience.

My name is Christy Francis and I am a 3rd year Biology student running for the Student’s Union Board of Directors, on the senate, and the Board of Governors.  From my time involved with on and off campus communities I understand students concerns. From my time in leadership roles in the Students Union I understand the position I am running for. From my time as a Golden Hawk I am ready to improve your university experience in three key ways. The three pillars of my platform are: providing clear understanding of Student Union activities, improving Wi-Fi, improving wellness options available for students.

Pegah Jamalof

Being on the Board of Directors would be an honour. I believe that I can address concerns and voice opinions on behalf of the student body to others on the Board of
Directors. I have been involved in numerous academic groups and participate in various campus activities.
In my first year at Laurier, I was a member of my house council as an outreach representative. I have been a member of the Alpha Phi sorority since my first year,
which has shown me the importance of camaraderie at Laurier. I’m also an executive on both the Laurier Young Liberals and the North American Student Association.

All these different experiences have given me the skills that I believe are necessary to perform well in either position. I hope that I can do my part in maintaining the school we love.

Ezra Ceniti

Looking to develop a stronger connection with Laurier students, I am running for Board of Directors to enhance the student experience and promote what the Laurier Students’ Union has to offer.

My name is Ezra Ceniti and I am ready to serve as one of the twelve members on the Board to represent you, the students.  If elected, I will promote events put on by the Students’ Union, listen to and accept your opinions and do my best to collaborate with the institution to advocate for mental health and student services.  In addition, I will make sure that Laurier is united as a school and that we continue to foster a positive community.

The health and happiness of students is essential for success at Laurier, both inside and outside the classroom.  If elected, I promise to put the students first and advocate for what the Students’ Union has to offer.

Kayla Han

My name is Kayla Han and I am running for a Directors position for the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union Board. My commitment to you is to help make the most of your undergraduate years by ensuring that your voice is consistently heard. As a second-year student, I have served as an executive for the Clubs and Associations, University Affairs and Programming and Services departments of the Students’ Union. I have learned the importance of student advocacy and transparent communication. As a Director, I will be sure to represent your vision for Laurier by ensuring that you are always heard. My passion for Laurier’s commitment to inspire lives still stands by me with the ability to provide more first year opportunities within the Students’ Union and help build the future leaders of Laurier as well as career-ready graduates.

Help me make the most of your time here at Laurier.

Tyron Thomas

My name is Ty Thomas and I am running for re-election for the Board of Directors. If elected, I also intend on pursuing the role of Chair and Chief Governance Officer.

I will work towards a more integrated Laurier community, bridging the gap between our various departments and allow room for collabration with other organizations at Laurier across both our Brantford and Waterloo campuses. My reasoning for wanting to do this is to challenge the toxicity that is ingrained within the culture of the Students’ Union and those who contribute to it, as well as enhance the Laurier experience. I will ensure that we create an environment in the Students’ Union that is equitable, cooperative, supportive, and empowered.

In addition, I will continue to be adaptable by adopting your expectations and be the leading voice in fulfilling the visions that you want to see in the Students’ Union.

Akshat Shah

My name is Akshat Shah and I am running for the WLUSU Board of Directors. I am a third-year student who wants to ensure that the future Board of Directors listens to and advocates for the students as they are the representatives chosen by the students.

Transparency and honesty are a very important aspect of decision-making bodies that I will use to hold the Board of Directors accountable. Certain goals I have developed for my role as a director of the board are to connect with more students to understand their perspective, learn their expectations of the institution, and gain input regarding decisions that affect the students.

My experience as a Residence Life Don this year has helped me connect with first-year students and upper-year student staff who have many great ideas and expectations for this institution. By working with other directors we can transform those expectations into a reality.

Ibrahim Musa

The name’s Ibrahim Musa. I’m a third year Poli-Sci student seeking to be elected as a member of the Board of Directors. My platform is concise and can be boiled down to 3 points under the acronym of AIM.

A​ccountability – Holding the President, Chair, and other Board members accountable to their election promises and responsibilities.

I​nformation – Informing students about the Students’ Union and how they can get involved.

M​ulti-Campus – Strengthening Waterloo and Brantford ties and representing the interests of ​both​ campuses.

I hope to acquire your trust and faith to represent you as a member of the board.

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