Student Board of Governors candidate platforms

The board of governors at Wilfrid Laurier University deal with the financial and business aspects of the institution. There are two student representatives that sit on the board of governors. 

Student governor candidate, Frank Cirinna.
Student governor candidate, Frank Cirinna.

Frank Cirinna

After last year receiving The Cord endorsement for Board of Governors and later losing the election by 0.4%, I am back once again to run for the University Board of Governors. Since first year, I have taken on the charge of advocating for students and ensuring everything I can do in order to help them succeed. Working for the last two years as a Senator, and executive and later co-ordinator for the University Affairs department of the Students’ Union has more than prepared me for taking on the role of Board of Governors. The true fact of the matter in regards to Board of Governors though is that the only way to be prepared and successful is to care. I think my persistence and love for this school has been made abundantly clear. Happy voting!

Student governor candidate, TJ Edmonson.
Student governor candidate, TJ Edmondson.

TJ Edmondson

I am a second-year Honors Economics and Accounting Student who strongly believes that our close knit, positively spirited Student body is the most important and distinguishable characteristic of our university. It’s the reason we came here, the reason we stay here and the reason why we are golden hawks for life. It is my goal, if elected, to promote students needs and to encourage the University to provide us with many essential improvements. I currently sit on the WLUSU Board of Directors, work as an Innovation and Economic Policy Research Assistant, and am involved in many other ways with our campus and community. I believe that I have developed an array of skill sets and perspectives that will prove beneficial as a student representative. Electing me will provide you with a transparent, accountable and passionate leader that can help this school continue on our path to becoming Canada’s best University.

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