WLUSP elects new administration

(Photo by Nick Lachance)
(Photo by Nick Lachance)

Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications (WLUSP) had their Annual General Meeting  (AGM) on Jan. 13, where next year’s president and board of directors were elected.

This year the two presidential candidates were Allison Leonard, manager of operations at WLUSP for the Brantford campus, and Autumn Smith, street team coordinator for Radio Laurier — with Leonard ultimately coming away with the win.

Luke Schulz and Tom Paddock were both acclaimed as directors for the board, which was approved after the votes were counted. The other candidates for board of directors were Shelby Blackley and Kate Turner.

Jazz Clement was originally in the running for board of directors, but dropped out the same afternoon as the AGM.

According to Leonard, this was an important moment for both herself and WLUSP as a whole, as she is the first president to come from the Brantford campus.

“I’m really happy. This is a huge step forward for Brantford, and not just Brantford, but for being part of a multi-campus organization,” said Leonard. “I think it will allow for a little more equality between campuses.”

This year was also the first time that advanced polls were open on the Brantford campus for students to vote before theAGM took place on the Waterloo campus.

In the past, students at the Brantford campus had to take a bus to Waterloo in order to vote in the WLUSP elections.

“I was really happy to see how it [the general meeting] went,” said Leonard. “It was really fair [and] I was impressed to see the debate that happened and how much people were involved.”

While emphasizing how excited she was to bring her Brantford experience to the WLUSP office in Waterloo, Leonard stated in the question period that she would work towards ensuring both campuses see a positive experience next year and function properly.

“I think the one thing I take here is the fact that I have been involved with Waterloo as well, [and] I’ll be able to correctly address the volunteers and departments on both campuses,” she told The Cord.

“I’m just really excited, this is great.”

Blackley also echoed Leonard’s sentiments, but with regards to her new position as a director.

“WLUSP has been something that’s been a part of my university career for the last two years, so to be able to actually be in a position where it’s going to affect the entire organization is a really big thing for me,” she said. “I’m really excited.”

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