William’s to open in September; Out of the Box, Yogen Früz and Country Style will close

The Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union board of directors has approved several capital expenditures as part of the 2009-10 operating budget, all of which are slated for completion by September.

The most noteworthy expense is the $110,000 project in the Terrace, which includes opening a Williams Coffee Pub Express and closing the Out of the Box cereal bar, Yogen Früz café and Country Style coffee.

“Those three business weren’t really doing very well,” said WLUSU president Laura Sheridan.

In 2008-09, their combined revenue was $12,590.

“When you compare that to the other businesses in the Terrace, and how successful they are, they really were the weak link.”

Sheridan explained that since the contract agreement with these companies has already been fulfilled, the union is now able to sign with Williams.

They are planning to enter into a 10-year agreement with the franchise.

The counter of Williams will be located at the old Yogen Früz and Country Style desk and the space previously allocated to the cereal bar will now be used for seating.

Wireless Internet will also now be accessible in the Terrace.

Other capital expenditures

Wilf’s kitchen renewal: $250,000

Though the front-of-house for the campus pub was renovated in 2005, this project will upgrade the kitchen equipment and storage facilities. The aim of the infrastructure change is an improvement in the efficiency of the back-of-house and an increase in services and options Wilf’s can provide.

Video conferencing project (conditional): $43,000

Pending final approval by the board of directors – after further information was requested following the board meeting – WLUSU will install video conferencing capacities to the boardroom.

The project aims to increase communication between the Waterloo and Brantford campuses and could eventually expand to include other locations on campus, such as classrooms.

The amount matches the $42,800 allocated to the university to use for video conferencing installation, as part of the Student Life Levy project.

FNCC furniture renewal: $23,000
This three-year replacement project will phase in new furniture to the 24-hour lounge on the third floor of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre (FNCC). The sofas will be moved to the new committee workspace and new chairs, which have writing tablets, will be purchased.

Computer hardware upgrade: $21,600
New desktop computers will be added to the WLUSU office and the fileserver will be upgraded.

Centre spot retail checkout: $11,500
The replacement of the cash desk aims to provide better customer flow in the on-campus store.

Other capital projects currently underway at WLUSU

Boardroom furniture: $6,000
Though it was not a component of the operating budget, new furniture will be purchased for the WLUSU boardroom. A cash fund was given to WLUSU from ATM Canada. According to WLUSU general manager Mike McMahon, the money was given as part of the union’s contract renewal of the technical service provider of the WLUSU ATM machines on campus. The profits of the machines were higher than anticipated and will be expanding around campus in the fall. The company gave the union $6,000 for signing another five-year contract.

Committee workspace renovations: $7,500
Passed in the union’s interim budget, renovations on the third-floor of the FNCC to the committee workspace are now complete. A new wall has been added and the goal is to create more of a lounge and workspace atmosphere for union volunteers.