Williams construction to be complete Sept. 21

The new Williams Coffee Pub Express that was scheduled to open in the Terrace earlier this month is still undergoing renovations and is now expected to be ready for business on Sept. 21.

According to Rob Sexton, food and beverage manager for the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, the intention was to have it open on Sept. 1 so it would be ready for Orientation Week.

“Unfortunately, our designer was unable to meet the time commitments that we have given him, and he has thrown the entire project off,” said Sexton.

“It’s not a construction delay. But it’s still frustrating nonetheless.”

Sexton added that the original timeline should have given plenty of time to be open for Sept. 1, but contractors have been waiting for drawings to come in, which came in much later than anticipated.

“Everything is ready to go, the equipment is all on-site or being stored off-site,” said Sexton, adding that they just have to put in the counters and cabinets, which is happening this week.

“Once that is installed … it will be just a matter of bringing in the rest of the equipment, putting it in place and hooking it up.”

Staff members for Williams have been hired and are currently going through training at the Williams store on Northfield Drive.

“We’re very disappointed it’s not open on time,” said Sexton.

“A lot of situations were out of our control, and right now we’re on track for [Sept.] 21, and nothing has indicated that we shouldn’t be ready for then.”