Wilf’s to re-open Jan. 24

For almost four months, Wilfrid Laurier University students have been anxiously anticipating some of Wilf’s infamous spinach dip. And on Jan. 24 they can finally get what they’ve been waiting for.

Wilf’s closed last semester due to flooding and the Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union has been working to ensure that students have a place on campus to eat and drink this semester.

The plastic sheet on the doorway to the beloved restaurant has created an air of mystery around the re-opening and what changes people will see. Patrick McMahon, the manager of Wilf’s said, “In terms of the ‘feeling’ of Wilf’s, we hope it comes back to the same.”

A few minor changes have been made to the layout of the restaurant. The back platform, for example, is now a separate room, similar to ‘The Den’ area which currently exists.

Along with renovations, Wilf’s has also taken initiatives to improve its bar service.

“We’ve been working on, since the summer time, in steps in service,” said McMahon, “We plan on training and implementing that.” This will go towards the efficiency of the employees of Wilf’s.

In terms of cost, Wilf’s managerial staff was told to keep all renovations and fixtures under insurance money.

“We’ve been told it’s got to be insurance, not the student union. The current management has been pretty clear that this is an insurance job, not a student union job,” stated McMahon. “Because we’re dealing with an insurance budget, this isn’t just a free pass to do whatever we want.”

The insurance also covered compensating the employees of Wilf’s. Bekah Grant, a first-year front-of-house employee at Wilf’s stated that, “I’m getting paid about 100 bucks a week.” McMahon expanded by saying, “What ever you made on your last pay check, is what the insurance company paid.”

“It is my only source of income,” said Grant. This was a concern for many employees. However, the staff members were given ample opportunity to also work at the Turret. “It’s the same staff that works at the Turret and at Wilf’s,” stated Grant.

Both Grant and McMahon have been anxiously waiting for the re-opening, and they hope that students are feeling the same. “I miss my Wilf’s family,” said Grant.

In light of the re-opening, Wilf’s will be having two weeks of specials to draw people back in. There will be live bands, a new laminated menu and tons of events to bring customers back. “We want to really blow the top off this place, to show appreciation back to the customers,” said McMahon excitedly.

McMahon is quite excited about the new image and make of Wilf’s and is thoroughly looking forward to its revival.

“We’ve missed you,” he said.

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