What happens on St. Paddy’s Day


On Thursday afternoon The Cord went out to talk to Wilfrid Laurier University students about their stories for St. Patrick’s Day.

Most of the recollections seemed to follow two extremes; one of misadventures that people kept to themselves and everyday stories that weren’t interesting enough to share.

The most common answer was “I really can’t/don’t remember.” Although that is quite plausible after a day of drinking copious amounts of green beer, there was a Vegas-like approach to what people experienced. In other words, what happens on St. Paddy’s day stays on St. Paddy’s Day.

Some students did confide in having done nothing, to working, to the obvious answer of getting drunk.

Sam, a second-year music student, said his plans for the day this year were to write music and first-year arts student Chris said he planned to see friends and go to a pancake kegger.

We also found people from the opposite end of the spectrum; some who don’t drink and some who didn’t know about the great extent of the day’s festivities here. Some had no idea about the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day at all. By the end, we had to ask, “What became of the ever-so-popular motto of St. Paddy’s Day: ‘Kiss me, I’m Irish’”?

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