We Are The Take entertains Wilf’s

Last Thursday at Wilf’s, a truly talented group of individuals took the stage to showcase their musical genius as the Toronto-based band We Are The Take.

For the band’s bassist, Andrew Hobbs, who previously attended Wilfrid Laurier University, performing onstage at Wilf’s was a particularly special experience.

“Laurier is a really great school. I went here for a bit, but I dropped out,” explained Hobbs.

“The band was actually one of the reasons I dropped out.

“There’s a certain sort of harmony that comes with doing what you love, I know that’s kind of a cheesy answer, but making music that you care about and is relevant is definitely really important to me.”

And watching their live performance, it was undeniable that We Are The Take is all about making music.

Unable to classify the band’s enchanting sound, Alix Meunier, a first-year student at Laurier, described We Are The Take as “not like other bands.”

“They aren’t too retro or rock and roll or emo. It’s almost like they have a new genre all their own,” he explained.

We Are The Take’s melodic rock stems from inspiring rock heavyweights like The Beatles, The Strokes and Led Zeppelin.

These influences come through in their music; however, We Are The Take makes it their own with touching lyrics and a personal flare.

At the Thursday night show, We Are The Take profiled themselves quite handsomely in sharp dress and a poised demeanor.

Unlike the typical rock band, We Are The Take gives off an aura of light-hearted composure rather than that of stereotypical rock-and-roll boozehounds who roll out of bed just in time for their live set.

Both on stage and in an interview with The Cord after the show, We Are The Take displayed a very literal sense of humour.

If not for the band members poking fun at themselves, it was often difficult to tell whether what they were saying was serious.

We Are The Take was able to successfully pull off this persona without coming across unserious or uncaring.

“[Our music is like] a tall glass of brandy because its smooth going down and you feel good once you’ve drunk it,” said frontman Erik Alcock.

“Also, it cures illness,” he joked.

After a well-received set on Wilf’s main stage, We Are The Take performed a private acoustic set in the Wilf’s Den for a number of enthusiastic fans.

In parting, band members Andrew Hobbs and Craig Stickland offered these words of inspiration: “Teamwork makes the dream work,” which was closely followed by Alcock’s brute humorous honesty, “That’s so lame, guys.”