Waterloo fry shop serves up Beligian delicacy

Photo by Heather Davidson
Photo by Heather Davidson

Fries can be a letdown if not done right.

You can find good fries, but it’s hard to find great fries — the type of fries that make your mouth water and fill you up for more than 15 minutes.

Well, now your fry desires have been answered.

Frites is an amazingly placed fry eatery that offers fresh Belgian fries. In short, they are massively cut “pomme frites” that come out perfectly crunchy and golden brown. Each and every bite is greeted with a mixture of seasoned salt, paprika and dry mustard.

At first glance they look like average fries, but when they hit your lips you taste the difference.

Served in a unique cone, the fries come equipped with one of 25 different sauces in which you can dip, dunk or lather them.

This is arguably the best part of Frites. The fries on their own are satisfying, but the different sauces are the deal breakers.

Flavours like sweet chili and honey mustard can accent the fry seasoning, whereas jerk chicken and madras curry give the fries a facelift. Other sauces include mesquite BBQ, peppercorn ranch, wasabi, roasted garlic and Sriracha mayo.

For those who are more adventurous, their beefed up poutines and unconventional hot dogs are a must-try.

All poutines come in a double-layered style, with fries, cheese and gravy overlapping one another. Toppings like pulled pork, beef chili and bacon mushroom turn a simple poutine into a full course meal.

The hot dogs on the other hand get drenched in a variety of sauces, which makes the classic summer snack a little bolder.
The fry boutique is strategically placed at 258 King St. N. — a very close proximity to Wilfrid Laurier University.

However, because of this it is in competition with other student favourites.

With the famous Burrito Boyz next door, they need to keep their fries fresh and their outreach fresher. An average meal price of $7 means they will definitely need to sweeten their deals to tailor to the student population.

All in all, Frites does a great job of making the notorious side dish a true main course. The thick cut Belgian fries coupled with the plethora of dipping sauces make it filling and flavourful.

With so many different options to choose from, and the opportune location bringing people through the door, it is clear that these fries are here to stay.

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