Water leak damages Athletic Complex floors

Wilfrid Laurier University’s Athletic Complex (AC) announced various closures earlier this morning.

The gymnasium in the AC at Laurier Waterloo campus has been closed until further notice.

According to Jamie Howieson, communications director for Laurier Athletics and Recreation, the closures stem from a leak in the roof.

The roof began to leak water on Thursday, Jan. 11 in the gymnasium, which was already undergoing repairs.

According to Howieson, the roof in the gymnasium has been undergoing construction since November. The roof is being replaced and solar panels are being installed. The project, however, has been delayed due to weather.

“What ended up happening was the amount of snow and the weather change basically led to water pooling up there and leaking into the building,” Howieson said.

The water leak has caused significant damage to the floor of the gymnasium.

According to Peter Baxter, director of Laurier Athletics and Recreation, the east and centre courts saw the most significant damage, while it is possible that the west court has faced less severe water damage.

An assessment of the floor and recovery crews will be mobilizing at the AC this weekend. Baxter said a detailed report containing estimated lengths to complete the roofing work and the extent of damage to the floors will be complete on Monday.

Laurier Athletics are hopeful that they can implement a temporary fix as soon as possible in order to resume all programs and use of the gymnasium, including two double-header basketball games taking place on Jan. 19 and 20.

“We are working to make sure that we minimize as much of the down time as we can and even if it’s a temporary fix for now and a long term fix this summer,” Baxter said.

In addition to the gymnasium closures, Laurier athletics announced earlier today that the swimming pool would be closed until further notice due to mechanical problems.

“The pool was closed because of a mechanical failure with the filter system in the pool. That’s a totally unrelated incident but it will take a couple of days for that system to be replaced,” Howieson said.

The part needed to fix the filter has been ordered, according to Laurier athletics, and is said to be reopened this coming Tuesday.

More information to come.

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