Cord International: ‘Volcano of fire’ erupts

(Graphic by Stephanie Truong).

Earlier today, roughly 33,000 citizens and tourists in the area surrounding Acatenango, the name of an active volcano in Guatemala, were forced to evacuate the immediate area due to series of powerful eruptions.

Acatenango, which translates to “Volcano of Fire” in English, began shooting ashes and clouds of smoke nearly three kilometers into the air, which was followed by rivers of lava and gas flowing down its sides.

With everyone being evacuated, and the next closest city, Antigua, being nearly ten kilometers away, evacuation officials have stated that no one will be in any immediate danger. They are speculating that the eruption will last for another 12 hours.

10 emergency shelters have been set up for evacuees, and the Guatemalan Red Cross is doing what they can to send out supplies where needed.

The eruption is currently being monitored for excessive damage and possible threats to populations.

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