Viva la Resolution: Spend less and shop smarter

Entering into a new year is a form of re-birth. There is never a better time to reshape your wardrobe than the start of a new year. Great style is a trait that will remain with you after graduation. Not only will you be able to turn heads but your confidence will skyrocket. It’s an important, fresh time that can help you re-create an important aspect of your life. This article offers ten stylish suggestions for the upcoming year to help you create a better wardrobe.

1. Quality over quantity

As cheap and easily accessible as poor quality clothing is, save your money for quality clothing that will last over time. Go visit a vintage, sustainable or organic clothing store to buy a quality, classic item. Spend more and you will no longer have to constantly buy more clothing items over time. Stop being a sucker for sales and discounts. If you don’t absolutely love the piece of clothing in the store, then you will love it even less when you take it back home with you.

2. Buy Canadian brands

Make sure to check whenever possible for a made in Canada alternative. Not only is it great for our economy, but usually the item is made with more care. The environmental impact of buying Canadian is also quite minimal compared to other countries – and the economic impact is positive.

3. Organize your closet

Go through your closet before school gets busy and take the items out that no longer intrigue you. Think of the last three times you wore a piece of clothing and donate it to a good cause if you simply can’t remember – let someone who needs it benefit from the garment. Once you’ve managed to throw a good chunk of clothing out, start organizing what’s left by category, such as sweaters, dresses and pants or by colours to help you manage better. This will also make you feel way less guilty when you decide to go shopping.

4. Clothing swap party

As an alternative to donating, take those old clothes that you no longer desire and host a clothing swap party. Make a bunch of fun drinks and invite your friends and their unwanted pieces of clothing over. Pick a number out of a hat to see who gets to go first and begin swapping your clothes for someone else’s. This is a great sustainable and cheap way to freshen up that wardrobe.

5. Ignore the trends

As tempting as the latest fad in fashion is, it will likely prove to not be popular in two months time. Do you really want to look like everyone else on campus? Save your money or spend it on a piece of clothing that is unique and will make your friends want to ask where you got it. There’s nothing worse thing than walking through the university and seeing every girl wearing the same piece of clothing from the local mall. Set yourself apart and avoid being another face in the crowd.

6. Buy the necessities

Everyone will have a different take on the basic necessities required for a well-stocked closet. Here are some that you will still love in five years:
– Trench coat
– Black pencil skirt
– A well made pair of jeans (try Fidelity, a Canadian brand)
– A classic white shirt
– Little black dress
– A pair of flats and a pair of heels

When looking for the key wardrobe elements, make sure you choose quality fabrics and cuts; don’t be a sucker for a discounted price. Try looking at local boutiques that sell classic designer pieces from last season. Invest in classic colours like black, whites, browns, grays, blues and navy. Stay away from vibrant prints and patterns, as they tend to go in and out of fashion. For jeans, ensure that you avoid patterns on the behind and go for a simple, straight-leg, medium-washed jean that will be versatile for your wardrobe. Once you have these essentials, you can shop for inexpensive accessories. You can find tons of adorable jewelry, scarves, and hats for less than fifty dollars. Why not just spend the minimal amount on a trendy accessory rather than spending a large amount of money on an entire outfit? The best part of these essential items is that you can mix and match every season.

Watch out WLU, here come the next fashionistas! Apply these six guidelines in your next consumer purchase and you will seriously improve your student budget as well as your look.