Toronto’s EDM group Austra performs at Starlight

(Photo by Nick Lachance)

The Starlight Lounge was booming this past Thursday evening when Toronto-based electronic band Austra performed in Waterloo for their first time since a cancelled show last year. Austra’s is made up of members Katie Stelmanis on vocals and piano,¬†Maya Postepski on drums, bassist Dorian Wolf, Ryan Wonsiak on the keyboard and twin back-up singers¬†Sari and Romy Lightman.

Starlight’s atmosphere featured neon-coloured lighting, pulsating sound, and close, yet comfortable crowds. The band’s energy from each member was already at a high during the performance of their opener Doldrums, by dancing with the opening performer for the entire duration of his playing, as this was their last show together for the tour. With little setup time between the end of Doldrum’s performance and the start of Austra’s show, they were on and playing before quarter to 11 p.m.

Their choice of set list was thought-provoking as some of their most recognizable songs were not played until half way through their set list, most recognizable were songs such as “Lose It” and “Darken Her Horse”. The band only performed one new song, to high praise from the audience.

The floor trembled as the speakers vibrated the entire club, and the audience danced to the electronic beats and fun synthesized rhythms. The interaction with the audience was minimal from its lead performer and back-up singers, but their bohemian moves and flower-child-like dance moves made the show interesting as it contrasted with its electronic pulse.

The end of their performance featured some of their most popular songs, like “Beat and the Pulse”, and was brought back for an encore, to which they played a personal favourite, “Shoot the Water”.

The concert was a success for its great live sound, interesting band members, fun atmosphere, great audience, and great venue. The band will continue to tour in the Ontario area, and is in progress of creating a new album.

Sarah McBain

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