Tips for getting over jet lag

SACKVILLE, N.B. (CUP) — Reading week has finally come to campuses across the country, and if you’re headed off on a great adventure, the last thing you want to be when you hit the ground is jet lagged.

Jet lag is the result of your internal clock being out of sync with the cycle of daylight and darkness of your new location. Your metabolism, temperature changes and impulses to sleep just don’t match what light is telling you to do.

So, for you intrepid travellers, here is a round up of tips to help you get over your jet lag fast.

Eat meals at the proper time. This goes for on the plane, and when you are on the ground. Don’t skip meals, and don’t eat them at unusual times. Also, when you are on the plane, remember you don’t have to eat whenever they hand you food, so if you aren’t hungry don’t eat it. That way you are more likely to be hungry when you get off the plane and it is mealtime at your destination.

Drink lots of water on the plane. They don’t tend to give you enough liquids to keep you hydrated, and then you start to feel hungover. Remember that you can get up and ask for more water if you want some, or you can keep a bottle of water at your seat.

Take a mild sleeping pill for the first few nights you are there. You won’t be as tired in the morning and wanting to nap all day because you haven’t been up all night feeling wide awake. It also means you’ll be ready to enjoy what you are doing during the day. There are some issues involved with taking sleeping pills while you are on the plane though because they can dehydrate you and there is a risk of blood clots from being immobile. So use them on the ground, but steer clear while in the air.

Jet lag yoga. Yogis tell me that this works, though I expect you have to be the type that does yoga first. Apparently, you can do a half hour practice before your flight, and a half hour practice after your flight to help you get rid of the symptoms. If you are interested, a quick Google search will give you tips.

Have a shower. If you have a stop over during a series of long flights, see if you can have a shower. It will make you feel better and get your circulation going.