The top four: Fun things to do on campus

1. People watching: Maybe it sounds lame, but the art of people watching has entertained people for centuries. Why not sit in the concourse and stare at the Laurier community in action?

2. Stealing DH dishes: Nothing gets your blood flowing like some good ol’ fashionned theivery. It’s not immoral if everyone does it and frankly, everyone does do it. See how many you can collect!

3. Hide ‘n’ Seek: Our campus is small enough to run around on, but big enough to hide on. A large group and a nice warm night make for a perfect game of campus-wide hide ‘n’ seek.

4. Tray toboganning: The steep hill across from the Alumni office is the perfect place to bring some DH trays, plant yourselves on them and go for one wild ride, weather permitting.