The Naughty Prude: The pressures of O-Week sex

Question: “Reflecting back on my first year, last year, I realized that there were a lot of pressures that related to hooking up and having sex, especially during O-Week. Knowing what I know now based on experiences, I wish that I had some advice and guidance so that I wouldn’t have felt as pressured as I did. For first years getting into O-Week, what are some of your tips/recommendations to not feel pressured, but to have fun and be safe?”

I really want to thank you for your question, it is so relevant and important because the transition from high school to first year is intense. In some cases individuals have one foot out the door, anxiously awaiting the freedom residence life presents. And on the other hand, some individuals are apprehensive — and scared.

The agglomeration of all the emotions of these young adults usually creates an insatiable desire to party and unfortunately, party too hard. The beginning of university for a lot of individuals means the beginning of a new chapter, starting new, redefining yourself, etc. Though change is positive, and maturing is a quintessential aspect of growing up — some may fold to the pressures of first year, and it may start as early as O-Week.

You will meet the greatest people in university, and O-Week is a great opportunity and chance to connect with like-minded people. That being said the pressures to “hook-up” are huge.
Sex is a very natural and beautiful thing, but should be practiced with individuals that you know and trust. As adults we are allowed to live sexually and freely. But do not use your sexuality forcefully on someone, or give yourself away too readily.

People will respect you more if you do not give in too easily and most importantly, you will respect yourself a lot more.

It is highly attractive when someone plays that “hard-to-get card” because it shows that you hold yourself in high regard. Not hooking up should not be viewed as losing power, but gaining it.

If you are not comfortable, or feel pressured, the best thing to do is just say no. I know that sometimes that is more easily said then done, but exercise your rights. O-Week is the time to meet people that you will potentially be spending your whole university career with, maybe even the years beyond university. If you do decide to have sex during O-Week, please make sure that the thought is calculated and worth it. And of course, safe sex is the best sex.

–The Naughty Prude

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