The Hidden Joys of Summer School

As the warmer weather becomes constant over the next few weeks, students will be packing up their books, if they haven’t already, and heading off to enjoy their time off this summer. Others may find themselves in school for the full year. To many, this may seem like a less than fun route to take. But there are plenty of benefits to attending school over the summer months that you may not be aware of.

Keeping an active mind

If you have nothing planned this summer, there’s a better chance that you’ll be hanging around doing nothing instead of doing something productive. Being in school full time will keep you on your toes and keep your mind moving at all times which can give you a satisfying feeling at the end of the day.

Warmer weather

The weather might seem taunting too most, but think of it as a mood booster. Nobody likes studying during the cold, dark winter. With the sun shining, this gives you a chance to study outside without that vitamin D deficiency getting in the way.

Time to travel

By taking a class through the summer months, you could find yourself with free time in the fall that can be used towards travelling to visit family or for your own personal enjoyment. Having that extra time during a time that might be more convenient for you will make you glad that you took classes during the spring semester.

Balancing a job

Some people are known to take online courses while juggling a seasonal job at the same time. Taking courses through the spring semester would allow you to do just that. This way, you can not only earn an income, but also complete a course and experience all the benefits that go along with that.

Graduating earlier

By taking classes full time, you would have the chance to graduate earlier than most. For a lot of people, this is an important factor. If you have everything planned out for your future after you graduate, leaving earlier might be of benefit for you. It doesn’t hurt to increase the chances of getting a head start.

Shorter Semester

The option for a six-week course could be a possibility for you. If you’re interested in a faster paced environment or just want to finish a semester early, this would be the option for you. A lot of work is done, but it gets done quickly, leaving you with a lighter workload in the future.

Staying fit

There’s plenty of opportunity being provided this summer to get out and stay in shape. Whether you do it for fun, or to stay fit, there are summer passes available for just about anything. Students here over the summer months are able to purchase a summer fit pass. The cost for the summer is $55 and the classes run Monday to Friday. The fit pass includes activities such as outdoor yoga, kickboxing, pilates and much more. A pass for outdoor boot camp is also available to purchase for $33, which combines aerobics, strength and plyometric exercise. On top of that, there are intramurals that run throughout the week including tennis, co-recreational soccer and ultimate frisbee. For more information, you can check out their website at under “Shop.”

Getting involved

Students have collaborated to create a group that is all about having fun. Major League Summer Baseball, also known as MLSB, is a popular way to spend your time here during the summer. Not only do they play baseball, but they also organize plenty of social events that you can attend to meet new people and have a good time. Games run from Monday to Thursday and tournaments happen through out the summer as well. If you want to get involved, you can find details on their website at