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Gifts for every type of person you know

Gifts for every type of person you know | Graphic by Fani Hsieh

The Sports Fanatic

For the people in your life that can’t go a day without talking about their favourite sports team, purchase something purposeful. Baseball caps are a gift that can be useful anytime for guys or girls and is an inexpensive one at that. Sporting events are something any enthusiast can appreciate — so why not pre-order Blue Jays tickets for next summer or send them to a hockey game at the Air Canada Centre? You can never go wrong with sports memorabilia like team drink ware or t-shirts, and chances are you can find a specialty store that sells these at your local shopping mall.

The Fashion Guru

Whether they’re a friend or a family member, you probably know someone who loves fashion and shows it daily. A popular item for both males and females this season is the beanie or “sloppy toque,” which you can find at almost every clothing store. From comfy blanket scarves to baggy turtlenecks — along with Sephora holiday palettes — you’ll be sure to please the fashionista in your life. For the fashion-forward male, you can’t go wrong with a plaid button up, a great pair of chinos (dressy khaki pants for those unfamiliar) and even men can enjoy a gift from Sephora — their shaving kits are useful for anyone.

The Music Geek

For the people in your life that can’t even sleep without music, there are tons of great gifts out there they would love. Tech savvy items are booming and waterproof shower speakers are at the top of this list. For the classic music junkies, records will never go out of style and can be found in local music stores and online. For those who like to change up the way they listen to music, record players or Bluetooth speakers would be a great gesture. While many of these items can be found in electronic stores, Urban Outfitters has many great finds from modern accessories to vintage gems.

The Health Nut

Odds are you have a loved one who is all about health and fitness, so why not help contribute to their passion? The Fitbit is an accessory that keeps track of a person’s daily activities and nutrition to help them stay motivated and achieve fitness goals. This is a great gift for many and can be purchased online or at most department stores. If your person is always on top of their fitness game, chances are they love to sweat. Why not get them a month or two at a hot yoga studio? Moksha yoga has studios in many major Ontario cities. Those who keep healthy tend to enjoy healthy meals, which is why a cookbook would also be a great and useful present. If you want to keep it simple, grab a Booster Juice gift card, which is great for after a workout or really any time of the day.

The Bookworm

You may think the only thing a bookworm would make use of is, well, a book — but that’s not the case in this modern era. For those who would rather have a hundred books in their hand at once, a Kindle is a perfect choice. Affordable and easy to use, this gadget is the modern readers dream with unlimited access to eBooks. There are tons of little gadgets to accommodate every book lover such as the “handy bookmark” — a bookmark with a tiny finger that points to a word on a page you were just too tired to finish. Or “bed prism glasses” — bifocals to help you read a book at eye level while your head is flat on your pillow.

The Family Pet

While your busy buying gifts for the wonderful humans in your life, let’s not forget about our furry companions. Many people have pet dogs or cats so gift giving is fairly similar between the two. From pet treats to a brand new bed, squeaky toys and a new hairbrush, your pet will appreciate every bit of it — even though they don’t know why you bought them gifts. Besides giving gifts to your pets, bring your dog or cat to the mall or a pet store chain such as PetSmart and snap a quick picture with Santa for a family gift — it may be the most entertaining thing you do this month.

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