The Cord on Sports: London 2012: Who will you be rooting for?


(Graphic by Adele Palmquist).

The countdown is on to one of the most highly anticipated moments of the year.

It explains why cities that thrive off tourism and hospitality are diminishing this year, I can speak from experience where my typical dislike for Niagara Falls at this time of the year is at an all-time low. But everyone has their sights set on a different majestic wonder of the world this summer; and that would be London.

Not only did the Queen’s Jubilee just happen, but now it holds host to the 2012 Summer Olympics — a frenzy of high skilled athletes battling for country pride and a piece of tin to put around their necks. I’d be lying if I were not sitting here physically watching the countdown clock as it ticks down from “4 days and 22 hours” until the opening ceremonies.

Is there anything more exciting?

Probably not. I’m personally a fan of the winter Olympics a bit more than the summer — mainly because my favourite sports all reside in the winter months, including curling — but the summer Olympics bring something more. Something inspirational. I suppose that’s why its theme this year is INSPIRE A GENERATION.

My big question, however, are who are the heavy favourites? There are always those athletes that come out from their respective tournaments and games beforehand and people say, “They’re bringing home the gold.”

But does anyone really stand out to you? This man stands out to me. I’ve always been a fan of tennis, and my cousin and her boyfriend have brought it up even more in my life. Not only has he stolen the international stage for Wimbeldon and Grand Slams, but also he is a serious favourite for the Olympics as well as the Toronto Rogers Cup just a day after tennis wraps up in London.

Tell me your favourites. Who do you think will win? What Canadians are you routing for in 4 days when the torch is lit? Let The Cord on Sports know.

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  1. Adam Lazzarato Avatar

    I don’t know if they are the favorites, but I will definitely watching and rooting for all of the Canadian divers.

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