The Cliks at Laurier

Lucas Silveira, front man of The Cliks, performed alongside his band mates last Thursday at the Turret for LSPIRG’s Radical O-Week.

Though the crowd was small, they were an enthusiastic group and Silveira worked the crowd well.

“Small crowd, big balls,” he stated between songs. “It’s true because when there’s less of you, you know you need to yell louder.”

The small crowd created an intimate atmosphere and allowed for Silveira to be personal with each patron.

It was a show with depth and smart humour. He made jokes and had the fans laughing and singing along to many of his songs that were both catchy and meaningful.

His music, like his numerous tattoos, is about his life experiences. As a transman, Silveira overcame certain struggles in his life and stated that “in some capacity [being a transman] has changed the way I write because I’ve grown as a person, but it’s not like I write from the point of view as a transman, I write from the point of view of a human being.”

In regards to his musical goals Silveira said, “I hope to achieve connection with my music. I think the number one thing that music does is share experience and try to touch people with those experiences. That’s what art’s about. It’s about humanity and connection.”

Throughout the concert, The Cliks performed a number of covers including “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timerlake and T.I.’s “Whatever you like.” The Cliks also performed original songs such as “I’m not your boy” and “Dirty King.”

“It’s really unfortunate that there weren’t more people here,” said Hannah Swiderski, LSPIRG’s event coordinator, “because they put on such a great show.”

The Cliks recently completed a six-week tour across the United States with Hunter Valentine.