Teens wanna have fun

(File Photo -- Nick Lachance)
(File Photo — Nick Lachance)

Speaking from experience, one can often be overwhelmed with the stress of starting school in a new city, trying to find ways to have fun where age does not define you, and no laws will be broken, the following is a guide to your music scene.

At Laurier we are lucky as we have two entertainment venues that allow all students, even those underage, to have the chance to enjoy a night out with friends.

At Wilf’s Restaurant, students can enjoy a night out, partaking in a different theme night of the week. From trivia to open mic night, each event is unique. They even offer a chance for students to watch concerts held throughout the year. In previous years students have enjoyed the talents of Dean Brody and the Arkells.

Two floors above Wilf’s is the Turret Night Club where a specific night for first year students happens twice a month on Thursdays, allowing students to interact and enjoy a night out. They are also known for the concerts they have held, featuring bands such as Down with Webster, USS, The Weeknd and Mac Miller.

Always welcoming to students, even the ones who are underage, Centre in the Square gives the chance to enjoy music from a variety of artists in a stunning auditorium. Centre in the Square, located in Kitchener, is the perfect venue to hold a concert with various musical talents. Many large bands have played here such as Metric,  Sloan and the lead singer of Supertramp, Roger Hodgson

The Kitchener Memorial Auditorium also occassionaly has shows, though it is most known for the home of the Kitchener Rangers. Jeff Dunham will play an upcoming October show at the Auditorium.

As well, Elements Nightclub in Kitchener occasionally has all-ages club nights and shows. They are well-known for their foam parties and frosh parties.

There is a large variety of music venues in the Kitchener-Waterloo area and it just takes a patient but eager music fan to discover the right venue for you.

If you love music and outdoor festivals do not forget to check the local listings of festivals on the city websites. There are many outdoor concerts that showcase the up and  coming stars around the region and will provide music lovers with a new appreciation for great music. Here is your chance to find a venue that works for you and support the local music scene.

Being underage does not have to limit your chance to enjoy music from local and high profile performers. Next time you are looking for the next big event to attend, grab a friend and take the time to enjoy some live music.

You never know, you might just be attending a concert that will give you new appreciation of the musical talents held in Kitchener-Waterloo area.

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