Talks continue between SBESS and WLUSU

According to statements from Brandon Van Dam, the School of Business and Economics Student Society (SBESS) president, and Sarah Bradley, VP of clubs and associations with the

Wilfrid Laurier University Students’ Union, mediation between SBESS and the Students’ Union has been going well.

Mediation between the two parties began in January with a university mediator and a third-party mediator. The need for the talks stemmed from the SBESS expressing its desire to separate from the Students’ Union in December.

Van Dam denied The Cord’s request for an in-person interview, but in a statement to The Cord he did reveal that the Students’ Union had frozen SBESS’ accounts.

“The bank account is no longer froze and all students have received their reimbursements and will continue to receive their reimbursements on schedule,” he said in his email statement.

“The Students’ Union is really happy with how mediation is going and will continue to work with SBESS to find best practices to serve our students,” said Bradley in her statement, as she also denied requests for an interview.

Van Dam echoed Bradley’s remarks.

“The process has been great for both organizations  and we are still working together to come up with solutions on moving the two organizations forward together.”

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