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Photo by Luke Sarazin

Tenants of The Marq petition for right to invite guests

Student tenants living at The Marq, a student housing community  operated by Centurion property and houses a large number of Wilfrid Laurier University students, started the petition due to their building implementing a new policy for only 35 guests in each building for St. Patrick’s Day weekend. Residents were initially told in February that one guest per tenant was permitted, […]

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Photo by Luke Sarazin

Student tenants are pestered with cockroach infestation

Wilfrid Laurier University students allege they have been dealing with a cockroach infestation in their unit in a nearby Marq student housing building.  The apartment building in question is located on 173 King St. N.   The Marq has two other student housing buildings in Waterloo, but as of this writing, there is no indication that either has similar pest issues.  Laurier student, Winnet Runshare, is one of the […]

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