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Researchers at UW develop a method to optimize Paralympic wheelchair designs

Sometimes we lose sight of those who are underrepresented when looking at ways to improve our society. Whenever we are positioned to directly assist others, especially regarding innovation, it is quite beautiful. In this case, we may soon witness the departure of mass-produced wheelchairs and the grand entrance to optimized wheelchairs customized to Paralympic athletes. Enter, Brock Laschowski. Laschowski is […]

by Abdulhamid Ibrahim· · Sports ·
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Laurier graduates Brent Laing and John Morris accomplish their Olympic dream

Competing at the Olympics is every athlete’s dream, and two former Golden Hawks got to live out that dream this past February. Laurier graduates John Morris and Brent Laing represented Canada at the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Laing curled for the Canadian men’s team, while Morris took part in the first ever mixed doubles tournament at the Olympics. While […]

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