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Radical religion: Kindness comes from the interpretation

Acceptance and love have are supposed to have always been the cornerstones of my religion. I went to Catholic school my whole life before attending Wilfrid Laurier University and I honestly believe that I was taught critical thinking and the ability to form an opinion like anyone else. But I didn’t pick up the messages that Catholic school kids are supposedly spoon-fed from infancy. Strangely enough, I can […]

by Madeline McInnis· · Opinion ·
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University holds social justice forum on Islamophobia

“I’m standing before you, not in my capacity as merely a professor, or a secular intellectual, I stand before you as a person,” said Ali Zaidi, professor for global studies and Muslim Studies and moderator of the forum Islamophobia in Our Times. A social justice forum, Islamophobia in Our Times, was hosted on Feb. 2 at The Hawk’s Nest on […]

by Shyenne MacDonald· · News ·