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Separating fact from fiction: does reading really make us smarter?

  “I wish I read more.” – Everyone  I spent the bulk of this past weekend reading through a recent bestseller. Despite being steeped in historical, artistic and architectural facts, it was not what would commonly be considered an enriching, thoughtful novel. It was a vapid, blunt yarn. It was a shallow, derivative adventure story. It was the latest Dan […]

by Karlis Wilde· · Features ·
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Editorial: Reading outside of the classroom

As an english major, I feel lucky that the majority of my readings for school are novels, short stories and poetry instead of textbooks and other similar materials. Over the past three years I’ve been able to read some really great novels and pieces of literature in school, such as Bronte’s Jane Eyre and and Dickens’ Hard Times. However, for me, reading outside of school is […]

by Safina Husein· · Opinion ·