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Why don’t more men wear engagement rings?

Engagement rings haven’t exactly changed much over the past 100 years or so besides their prices, styles and the creativity that can be involved with personalizing them. The tradition attached to these rings has stayed relatively the same — and the concept is rooted primarily in a man presenting a woman with a decorated band or Tiffany-style rock to ask […]

by Emily Waitson· · Opinion ·
Editor’s note: Dear men

Editor’s note: Dear men

As a man I could sit back horrified and feign surprise at the allegations levelled towards Harvey Weinstein, but the point would be moot. Like many of the silent stars in Hollywood — who kept their mouths shut, in apparent fear of jeopardizing future career opportunities — I am not shocked about the existence of this “open secret.” If you […]

by Kurtis Rideout· · Opinion ·
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#DistractinglyHonest exhibit challenges gender inequality in science

Last fall, Eden Hennessey, a PhD student at Wilfrid Laurier University, unveiled her #DistractinglySexist exhibit at the Laurier Library, which focused on the obstacles female scientists face in a male-dominated industry. A year later, Hennessey presented her exhibit, #DistractinglyHonest, in Laurier’s Science building to a crowd of students, faculty members and individuals in the Laurier community. The exhibit launched last […]

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